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Trivial Research and Conservative Computing

Projection Postulate

    Private compilation albums featuring mostly jazz arrangements, with jackets illustlated by Pogo.

The Pogo Curve

    Pogo's accidental discovery might lead the world of mathematics into another height. Or might not.

Value of Power

    It was a week in which fuel was impossible to obtain, entire city was in a complete darkness, and so many people out there were freezing.
    We must do something. Anything trivial wouldn't be laughed at. To protect family, to help people and to save our lives.

Life with X01T

    It's just an average user's note enjoying Toshiba X01T Windows Mobile 6 based smart phone. This latest digital device was expected to replace my mobile phone, Linux-based Sharp Zaurus PDA and Sanyo IC voice recorder altogether. It was simply found, that dedicated equipments provide the most.
    All text in the page is written with Word Mobile on X01T.

Conservative Computing

    Some maintenance and service logs of computers used in our Lab.

Receiver Design    [NEW]

    Some self study notes for radio receiver design.

Raspberry Pi

    As an early microcomputer user I still dream to build a machine by myself alone, but I would not be able to find time to do so and perhaps no longer practical. One day I read an news article about a newly developed small, inexpensive yet very promising microcomputer board called Raspberry Pi , I pre-ordered mine immediately on that night although there was no particular purpose on it, simply I thought it would be fun to play with.

"Raspberry Pi" is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Astigmatic Astronomer

    Observation log of an astigmatic astronomer who still cannot tell which is Deneb or Vega.

Wobbling Stiches

    We have never expected that sewing would be among our research activities.

Origin of "0-V-2" Nomenclature

Jan. 2006 -updating

    Building a vacuum tube shortwave receiver is universal fun and preasure for radio amateurs. Thinking to build one more time a 0-V-2 which I build when I was 11 years old, I realized that the word "0-V-2" never appears in American radio articles. Where the nomenclature "0-V-1" or "0-V-2" came from? Who originated it in which country? Could it be in U.K. or Germany, or Italy? If the letter "V" means "Valve", it would be in Britain - "R" would be used if it was from Germany.... This was how this small study had begun. Still I don't get my conclusion. If you have an old article using a term "0-V-1" or "0-V-2", I'd be very happy to know the title of the article associated with the year it was published.

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