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The Chief Science Officer

Pogo: The Chief Science Officer

Pogo's Hello World
    November - December 2003

        After approx. 28 hours of delivery, we were blessed with Pogo's "Hello World". She immediately assumed as a Chief Science Officer of the NoobowSystems Lab.

Pogo Hospitalized!
    December 2003

        Days after Pogo came home, somehow she couldn't take enough milk. She eventually failed to take milk at all by herself and her condition was apparently unusual. It was 4 A.M. and it started to snow outside. We waited until morning, saw a neighbor doctor. Then he ordered us to immediately bring Pogo to the University hospital as she was in such a critical condition.

Pogo's Talk

    January - Ferbruary 2003

        Returned from the hospital, Pogo began to catch up the pace, gaining weight rapidly. Diagnosed with milk allergy, she switched to specially processed milk.
        Pogo started to respond to visual input with laughing, and started to talk. Her first message to me was "Ah-Ah, Ah-Ah, Ah-Ah". Hmm, its a morse code "M, M, M"; supposedly she was requesting more milk.
        While Pogo is fine, Keiko began to show an obvious mental disorder. We saw a psychosomatic doctor and she was diagnosed with the PostPartum Depression (PPD).

PostPartum Pogo
    March - April 2003

        Pogo seemed to be enjoying her daily life, but Keiko's PPD became much worse --- she had lost almost all of her high level social capabilities. It would be nearly impossible to understand PPD unless your family actually suffers. Searched the Net for a help, I found an excellent site and a book titled "PostPartum Husband" - a book provides many suggestions to the husdand of the patient, how to deal with the horrible situation. The book became the bible for me.

Infection Panic
    May-July 2003

        Pogo started her career in the lab as a Chief Science Officer, reading books and conducting a lot of experiments such as a study of relationship between center of gravity and dynamic stablity of a structure. Keiko found a doctor who provides a good counseling, the condition stabilized and getting slightly better.
        One day I suddenly felt itching on my neck, and the next day it became a severe skin infection. If this is caused by some sort of virus, Pogo will get it soon; should I be quarantined from Pogo, but Keiko cannot live by herself alone, Granpa and Gramma not available this week, my business situation is also quite critical and cannot take days off - I was in a panic.

Pogo's Mobility
    August - September 2003

        A lot of practice rewarded Pogo; she learned to craw, then to stand up while holding something with her hands. PEV-1B stroller provided better view, Pogo's world exploration become much more active.
        Unusual rainy days limited our outdoor activity during Obon weekend. We enjoyed some summer Obon festivals, although no picture is shown in this page. These 2 months were relatively uneventful, except Pogo's minor skin infection. Some indications were observed showing Keiko's recovery process from PPD.

Hot Pogo
    October - December 2003

        Pogo had a fever, just as described in a baby care textbook. No special care was necessary. And we celebrated Pogo's first birthday. Although 1 year had been passed, Keiko's PPD still persisted. Amount of medicine was reduced after evidence of recovery was observed. But because of that, symptom sometimes got worse than before.

First Soil

First Soil
    January - April, 2004

        Steadily learning how to standup and walk, Pogo's First Soil was celebrated. New addition to the PEV (Pogo Excursion Vehicle) fleet was the PEV-3; a rusty, miserable used tricycle priced at 1000YEN (US$9) was fully serviced into a high performance vehicle. Pogo spent most of the Golden week to battle with her fever.


Fever after Fever
    May - August, 2004

        While enjoying her life in a kindergarden, Pogo gets various kinds of viruses and repeatedly battle with fever. Keiko resumed her offfice work but frequently interrupted with her own fever, in addition to the Pogo's.
        Another addition to the PEV fleet was the PEV-4, Pogo's first 4 wheel vehicle which was a replica of a touring car racer BNR34, the Nissan Skyline GT-R.

Tokyo Motorshow

Gaining Abilities
    September - November, 2004

        Day by day Pogo gets new skills and abilities. Now she can crimb up a rudder to the top of a slide, demands her favorite video program by saying its title, can peel oranges, and putting on her shoes by herself.

        We went to the Tokyo Motor Show; while Pogo played around, Keiko had a hard time to endure her stressful time --- she missed her drug. But this proved somehow she could manage her PPD without drug. Still the mental disorder was obvious, it's getting better slowly.

Pogo's Favorites

Pogo's Favorites

November 2004 - June 2005

    Pogo is now 2 years old; has more vocabulary, shows interests to many things, and expresses her will more directly... Recently one of her most favorites is the Thunderbird 2.
    Keiko was ordered to relocate to other section in the company, but could not cope with the situation change. Decision was made by a company health consultant to take a sick leave for an undetermined period, perhaps a half year.

First Flight

First Flight

    July 2005 - Nov 2005

        Pogo first took off the ground aboard a Cessna 172. She also enjoyed riding a super-express Shinkansen, while enjoying weekend ride of Joshin Electric Railway, a preferred local railway. Her conversation skill has been improved so we can decide toghether which way to go when we drive.
        Pogo keeps helthy condition for this half a year, and Keiko's condition improved so she returned to work.

Role Reversal

Role Reversal
    Jan. 2006 - Dec. 2006

        Keiko's PPD could be said to have healed up, when her Turbo Falcon bumped into a car in front of her suddenly hit a full brake in order to avoid a crossing dog. The driver hit by the Falcon told to Keiko, "I was lucky that you applied a real hard brake - if you were an ordinary female driver I would have been hit much harder." And Keiko by herself could do all the things associated with such a light traffic accident, including calling police, negotiating with the other driver and an insurance guy, asking the service shop to take care the Falcon. Keiko regained a full social capability.

        Then it was my turn.

        There was nothing to worry anymore - Business situation had stabilized, more people to support me, Keiko's PPD had gone and Pogo was healthy. Nevertheless I began to have something unconfortable within my mind which my logic tried to hide -- I found myself in a controlled mental disorder. Role Reversal had begun.

Island Resort

First Abroad
    Jan. 2007 - Dec. 2007

        We took a vacation to Guam. We expected Pogo would enjoy her first international flight aboard 747-400, but she went asleep as soon as the airplane started taxing. The highlight of the vacation was a round trip helicopter ride on Hughes 369 that did not have any doors. Granma enjoyed uninterrupted island view at the airspeed of 120 knots, while Pogo again went asleep with big headset on.

Island Resort

Games, Comics and Nap Anytime
    Apr. 2012

        High fever and strong cough persisted for a week and it was getting worse. Bringing her to see a doctor, thought to ask to switch drugs. However the X-ray photo showed the middle lobe of her right lung in perfect prominent --- it was the Mycoplasma pneumonia. Using a pulseoxymeter to confirm the gas exchange performance was still in good shape, the doctor ordered us to immediately go to the City Hospital for hospitalization.

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