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Where is the NoobowSystems Lab. located?

Driving on the mainstreet of Tomioka
    NoobowSystems Lab. is located in Tomioka City, Gunma prefecture Japan, approx. 100km northwest from Tokyo. Tomioka city may be a typical suburban city; population is a little bit less than 50000. The city is along Kabura river and surrounded by mountains. While agriculture is active, we have many modern industries and even an aerospace industry firm whose products propel the latest Japanese-built H2-A satellite launch vehicle into space. Tomioka is famous as the birthplace of modern industry in Japan: Tomioka Seishi fabric factory opened in 1872 with imported European machneries, and produced high quality silk -- Tomioka was the Silk City once upon a time. Nowadays those fabric industry ceased their operation, but the word "silk" can still be found in some shop names.
    In Tomioka, many wild animals such as lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes and many others are living --- in Gunma Safari Park, which is one of the most popular family tour destinations in the area.
    Public transportation is poor in the city and most of the people rely on automobile. The only railroad, Joshin-Dentetsu, is famous for its most expensive fare in Japan, if caluculated per distance. But it certainly has a nice flavor of local railroad. Worth to try its rock'n roll ride.
    Tomioka City's official website can be accessed by clicking here , although no English page provided.

Lab Staff

    Organization of NoobowSystems Lab. is left in mystery, however, the activity report of our Chief Science Officer is available in here .

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