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About this page
    Following pages introduce books found in the lab, stacking on book shelves, desks, tables, tatami floors or even in card boxes.
    After moved to the U.S., reading books and magazines written in English was indeed painful to me. It was quite usual that I could not understand at all what newspapers were talking about. Then I started to subscribe QST, a magazine for the amateur radio, and tried to read it. With my favorite topics and familiar terms, fun overcame the pain. Months after, I found myself much accustomed to read English books.
    Still, however, I hesitate to read books without photos or pictures. And reading through all the pages is still a great challenge to me. Therefore the books and magazines are stacked, after gracing at them. Reading engineering or technical books are much easier since they clearly state the facts. Novels with plenty of emotional descriptions are quite tough to me. Hope someday I could immediately laugh when I read the comic page of San Jose Mercury Sunday issue ....

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